Vector sigue innovando de la mano de la DGA. En esta ocasión, gracias a la subvención obtenida de la línea IDIS REACT, hemos creado un dispositivo que, a través de tecnología de algoritmos de encriptación y blockchain, es capaz de enviar una señal a un dispositivo inalámbrico para obtener con certeza, en tiempo real, el estado de apertura o cierre de una válvula manual.

New Vector supply

Vector Valves has successfully completed the manufacture and supply of 24 ”and 28” 600 # ball valves and 24 ”-600 # gate valves operated with hydraulic actuators to Peru.

This supply has been a great logistical challenge due to the large dimensions of the valves, with heights greater than 5 meters.

With the delivery of these valves, the first phase of the project has been completed, leaving a second phase that is currently in the process of being tested.

Fugitive Emission Test

Vector Valves has finished the tests in our high performance ball valves with extended shaft and metal-to-metal seat that will be used in LPG service.

In addition to the usual tests (hydrostatic, leakage, dimensional tests, etc…) performed on all our valves, on this occasion additional tests of fugitive emissions have been carried out according to the ASTM E499 standard.

Control valve spare parts supply

Continuing with our commitment to provide an integral service to our customers, Vector has supplied the necessary spare parts for the maintenance and proper performance of high pressure cryogenic control valves (rating 2500#) supplied to YPFB Bolivia.

The supply consists of gaskets and packing sets and sealing kit and springs for the diaphragm actuators that operate the valves.

Petroleum Pipeline Company

VECTOR VALVES has completed the supply of several types of valves for PPC (Petroleum Pipeline Company) in Egypt.

This time the scope os supply consists of a package of piggable ball valves, with valves size from 6″ to 12″ and 600# rating, and another package of piggable check valves with external arm and counter weight, sizes 10″-12″ and 600# rating.

As always, all valves were subjected to the strictest quality controls with highly satisfactory results.

Supply of Forged Big size Top Entry Ball valves for UAE

VECTOR VALVES has recently completed the design and manufacture of several Top Entry forged Ball valves, in class 600 and sizes from 16″ to 24″. All trims have been manufactured in stainless steel A182 F316L, with special drains and vents with double ball valve in line and 1″ size. Flanged and BW ends with welded nipples.

All valves have been designed and tested according to API6D standards.

With no doubt a very solid design and construction, for demanding service conditions such as for the UAE market.