Petroleum Pipeline Company

VECTOR VALVES has completed the supply of several types of valves for PPC (Petroleum Pipeline Company) in Egypt.

This time the scope os supply consists of a package of piggable ball valves, with valves size from 6″ to 12″ and 600# rating, and another package of piggable check valves with external arm and counter weight, sizes 10″-12″ and 600# rating.

As always, all valves were subjected to the strictest quality controls with highly satisfactory results.

Maintenance in Turkey

Last March a team of Vector valves travelled to Turkey to carry out supervision and technical support task during the Maintenance woks carried out at the Izmit Refinery by Tupras.

The assistance lasted for a period o 2 weeks in which the collaboration with the personnel of the refinery was total, achieving the strt-up of the equipment (which works under very critical service conditions due to its high temperature) in record time.

Manufacturing of Control Globe valves for UK

VECTOR VALVES has finished with success the design, elaboration and supply of 27 control valves for the project called TEES REP BIOMASS which is setting up in Middlesbrough (UK).

The control valves of sizes DN25 and DN40 and high pressure (PN 40, PN 150, PN420) have been entirely custom designed according to European standards. The internals are made of hardened stainless steel and protected to minimize the flashing effect. Several of the valves have an extended cover with integral fins to dissipate the temperature. These valves are operated by an electric actuator.

All valves have been designed and tested to the strictest European quality standards.