All activities developed in our company are implemented following the most important international standards, making the maximum satisfaction of our customers our absolute priority.

The Quality Management System of VECTOR VALVES is based on strict Quality controls (QC) and periodic internal and external audits, a careful selection of suppliers and a continuous evaluation of the obtained results.



Vector Valves - ISO 9001ISO 9001
Vector Valves - ISO 14001ISO 14001
Vector Valves - DEP 2014/68/UEAPI 6D
Vector Valves - SIL 32DEP 2014/68/EU
Vector Valves - FET ISO 15848-1 FET ISO 15848-1
Vector Valves - FET ISO 15848-1 SIL 3

Testing & Quality Control

Pressure and Functional Testing

VECTOR VALVES can perfom different pressure and functional tests in accordance with the main Testing International Standards (API 6D, API 598, EN 12266-1…) or with the Customer particular requirements, as follow:

Hydrostatic testing, Low pressure gas seat testing, Cavity relief testing, Torque testing, Antistatic testing, DBB testing (Double Block & Bleed), DIB-1, DIB-2 testing (Double Isolation & Bleed), Fugitive emission gas testing (He test), Cryogenic gas testing, High pressure gas testing , High temperature and Cv testing.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Chemical material Analysis

Together with recognized and independent testing laboratories, the following testing and analysis can be performed according to the different projects specification:

Visual testing, Dimensional testing, Ultrasonic testing, Liquid Penetrant testing, Magnetic Particle testing, Positive Material Identification, Radiographic testing, Hardness testing Leak testing, Cryogenic gas testing, High pressure gas testing , High temperature testing, Cv testing, Corrosion tests, HIC (Hydrogen-Inducted Cracking Test), SSCC (Sulphide Stress Corrosion Cracking).