Vector valves

Vector & Wellheads Engineering, S.L. is an Spanish leading manufacturer, and we export more than 80% of our manufactured production.

Our valves are designed, manufactured and tested in Zaragoza, under the most critical standards and procedures, and the specific contractual requirements of our Clients.

Our manufacturing range include ball valves, gate, globe and check valves, butterfly valves, control valves, and other special valves.

We manufacture valves for the following industries and fields: Energy (Fossil fired and Nuclear), Petrochemical Plants, Oil & Gas, Hydropower, Solar, and other process industries.


Vector, was founded on 2002 by the majority of the management team of Walthon Weir Pacific, S.A. as well by Valcontrol, S.A. personnel, after the disappearance of WWP. The experience and personnel skill in Engineering, Puchasing, Quality and Manufacturing is over 30 years, always related to the valves industry, designing and manufacturing valves for WWP and Valcontrol since 1970.


Vector valves